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I started playing Dotomchi Games from the latest, Mystery of Fortune 2 (MoF2). I'm loving the puzzle of scripting my bands of heroes to fight the monsters of Fortune. I'm over halfway through the game and have to watch, tweak, run, tweak, run, watch ... the battles every evening after work as my cooldown to the day.

I presume there are others out there in the world who have become fans of the game, the series, and the studio behind it all. This wiki is being set up as a place for us to come together and share information, tips, and strategies. I ran across a stale subreddit for the game, too, r/Mystery_of_Fortune_2. Maybe we can revive that and get this wiki built together!

Starter Tips:

All last levels of each regions drop accessories, which are possibly the rarest items in the game, make sure to keep repeating boss levels on autos once your team is able to auto it for accessories. The higher the region the better the accessories.

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